Kane, Inc. is an SSPC-QP1 certified, service-oriented company specializing exclusively in the application of high quality protective coatings for industrial and marine environments. Formed in 1993, the principals of the corporation have over 100 cumulative years experience in the protective coatings field. With:

  • Two full-time certified NACE International Certified Coating Inspectors - Level 3 on staff
  • SSPC C3 Supervisor / Competent Person Training for De-leading of Industrial Structures Certified employees
  • SSPC C7 Certified Dry Abrasive Blaster certified employees
  • SSPC CAS Coating Applicator Specialist certified employees
  • Extensive experience in remote locations from Alaska to the South Pacific

Kane, Inc. has the knowledge and training necessary to design and apply a system that meets your needs. Please
contact us for more information.